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[Short sighted and fearsome society] What is wrong with me ? 본문

예지니네 가족 이야기/아빠

[Short sighted and fearsome society] What is wrong with me ?

예지니아빠 2009. 3. 3. 01:54

People try to be outstanding, utmost smart, and convince me their supremacy continuously in the company. This absurdity that I have faced in LG since I joined, still is on going everyday. This bloody Korean culture dominates all over the company and especially it works more in R&D.

The first funny thing I have faced, all the people in LG might think themselves as they are special somehow. From my personal point of view, all they are purely normal or less than common. There is no common sense nor thinking of common goods at all. Only existence of selfishness and protective approach to everything...

Sick & tired of everything, and got to consider to move seriously before my boyscout mind is runs out.

Still I am missing Australia though, nothing much I can do in downunder with my profile. This is serious problem that even I go for US. What I can do with this ... ?

For my family & especially kids, I got to use this company corruption as much as possible and have to catch a chance for more & better position. There is no back talk or string pull any more, and I have to work out by myself. Before these stupid middle managers are getting older and shrewer, I got to take a chance as much as possible.

Life in LG is not good...
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